Our typical Swiss Mountain Chalet. 

During your Swiss Tour, we offer accommodation in our beautiful and spacious chalet alongside the Swiss and international participants of our summer language camp. Located midway up the mountains, it overlooks the village, lake and opposite mountain range.

As well as having plenty of places to sleep, our chalet comes complete with leisure rooms that include a disco space, a ping-pong room and two balconies that both offer a panoramic view. Moving outside, the chalet's grounds include a large garden space as well as a campfire spot - which is always equipped with plenty of expertly chopped wood.

When it comes to sleeping, the chalet offers a range of two, three and four bedrooms.

Location: Schwazsee, Fribourg

1,046 Meters, Prealpes, German speaking

Located at the edge of the country's Fribourg region, Schwarzsee is the gateway to the Alps. Stunning mountains and a quaint little village are centred around a small lake, creating one of the most picturesque landscapes that Switzerland has to offer.

The village and stunning mountain range are centred around Der Schwarszee (German forThe Black Lake) which is so-called because of the dark colour given to it by its high sulphur content - which makes it one of the healthiest places in Switzerland to bathe during the summer months, so don't be afraid to jump in! 

In the daylight Schwarzsee is an awe-inspiring sight, but it truly becomes special when the sun goes down. Due to it's mountainous location, and lack of a nearby metropolis, there is almost no light polution; making Schwarzsee home to one of the most crystal clear, star-studded skies that you're likely to find in the whole of continental Europe - a truly awe-inspiring sight that's not to be missed!

To find out more visit the official Schwarzsee tourism website here.