Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this vibrant student city!

The City of Fribourg

Canton Capital, bilingual French & German

Located less than 40km from the nation's capital city of Bern, this small, but lively student city lies on Switzerland's Franco-Germanic linguistic border and is certianly not to be overlooked - and is directly accessible via train from both Geneva and Zurich airport!

Wither you want to relax, enjoy a night out or experience some of Switzerland's rich history and culture; Fribourg has you covered! 

The city is defined in two distinctive parts; the high-sitting new town and the lowset medieval old town, which has been built down inside a natural crater. 

The New Town is home to the city's comercial shopping center and the university, making it the hub of the city's student life. The main square plays host to several markets and open-air concerts throughout the year and the pedestrianised Rue de Lausanne is home to many cafes, eateries and bars, all with otuside seating; so sit back, relax and enjoy the surrounding architecture whilst listening to the city's two native languages. 

The Old Town is home to some of Switzerland's best-preserved fortifications and offers over 200 gothic-style houses to be admired. The well-preserved histroic beauty, twinned with the natural setting upon the Sarine River makes this tranquil old town one of the most peacefully beautiful places to take a walk on a sunny afternoon. Once you've finished casually meandering and admiring its beauty, climb up the 300+ stairs of the St. Nocholas Cathedral and enjoy panoramic city views from the rooftop!

To find out more, visit the local tourism website here.


Modern, city center residence

The St. Justin residence offers modern single and twin rooms that come complete with desks for studdying, and en-suite rooms are available! 

The residence is located in the heart of the city center, right next to the University of Fribourg and during the academic year plays host to international students from across the world - making it the ideal place to live and learn during your stay with us!

Walk just five minutes from the residence and you'll find everything you need; from supermarkets, to clothes shops, cafes and the main train station!

St. Justin's Residence

Rue de Rome 3, 1700 Fribourg