English - 9 hours conventional courses & 6 hours creative class.

The English classes are held in groups of 6 participants. Small groups provide an efficient learning environment that is catered towards the individual.

In this camp, we run 9 hours of conventional classes per week, twinned with 6 hours of creative classes.

What are 'creative classes'? 

With our creative classes, we aim to take the languages skills and themes learned during the conventional courses and develop them further in an out-of-classroom setting, so as to integrate the language learning with the excursions. 

Our courses guarantee: 

  • 9 hours of conventional lessons per week
  • 6 hours of creative lessons per week
  • communication and practical language usage 
  • individualised teaching that helps you to improve your language competence (speaking, listening, reading or writing)
Our teachers use modern methods such as role play, theatre, games and audiovisual tools to make the educational process more fun and interesting!