Take a breath of the "Oxygene des Alpes" and enjoy stunning views of the "Dents du Midi" Mountain.

Located in the idyllic Swiss Alps, Leysin is much more than your average Swiss mountain town. Ride the train or ski lifts upwards, and you'll find the slopes of Aï and Mayern, ride the mountain rail down, and you'll find the world-famous Lake Geneva, as well as the Château D'Aigle; home to some of the finest wine in Switzerland.

Historically, Leysin was a healing centre for tuberculosis patients; so it's guaranteed you'll never get sick of it! Today, Leysin is a hotbed for both winter and summer tourism; when the snow starts to melt and the sun starts to shine, Leysin's surrounding Alpine mountains and lakes start to blossom, making it one of the Switzerland's top hiking destinations.

On the face of it, Leysin may appear to be quintessentially Swiss, but look beyond this and you'll discover that it is actually a hotbed of culture; the town is home to one of Switzerland's top international schools, as well as some of Europe's best hospitality colleges. When you combine this with a year-round culture of outdoor sports and tourism, you get an Alpine environment with a cosmopolitan atmosphere; as well as its native French; English is also often heard throughout the streets of Leysin.

So if you love endless amounts of picturesque panoramic views, twinned with simple access to the best high and low locations in Switzerland; visit Leysin!


Our 3 Star Alpine Hotel

The Central- Residence has 85 rooms with double beds, bathroom, TV, and telephone. A large number of rooms are directly connected to each other. Furthermore, almost all of the balconies are south facing, meaning you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Alps anytime you like!

The hotel features are an indoor pool, a sauna and a fitness room. One can enjoy in the variety of leisure activities, relax or have fun in the alpine environment, and thus benefit from a beautiful view of mountains and the nearby glacier.

When it comes to dining, the hotel kitchen offers a large number of regional and international dishes.

The closest railway station is just a short walk from the hotel, where you can take a train to Aigle, at the foot of the mountains, in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, the hotel is just 300 meters from the mountain lift stations as well as the biking and hiking trails.

Hotel Central Residence

Route du Belvédère, 1854 Leysin, Switzerland 

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