Explore Switzerland and enjoy the crisp winter nights.


Evening Program


Nobody owns the world so feel free to explore it.


Whilst the Alpine experience is an unforgettable one, it can also be nice to climb down and experience some of Switzerland's more metropolitan areas. That's why, on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, we are offering you the chance to experience two of Switzerland's best cities:

Wednesday: Fribourg

Situated just 50 kilometres from the capital city of Bern, this bilingual city is not to be overlooked. Fribourg's renowned university provides it with a vibrant and cosmopolitain atmosphere. Admiring the old facades and beautiful fountains from the top the 74-metre spire of the Cathedral is an experience not to be missed.

Saturday: Geneva

Embedded between nearby Alpine peaks and the hilly terrain of the Jura, Switzerland's second largest city lies where the Rhone meets the Lake of Geneva. With its humanitarian tradition and cosmopolitan flair, the European seat of the UNO and the headquarters of the Red Cross give Geneva its name as the Capital of Peace.

Evening Program

When darkness falls, the fun doesn't stop!

After a fun afternoon on the slopes, the fun doesn't stop as we launch straight into our nightly evening entertainment!

Weekly Programme:

Monday: Swiss Night

We will begin the week with a fun-packed evening of Swiss games and history, which will help you get to know the Swiss culture in an exciting and interactive environment, rounded off with a screening of the famous Heidi Movie a Disney producedSwiss film about a young girl who leaves behind the Swiss mountains and relocates to Frankfurt.

Tuesday: Ice Palace and Igloos

Experience the true magic of winter! Just 2 kilometres along the road from Schwarzsee, you will be taken by Karl Neuhaus into a fairy tale world made of light and ice!

Wednesday: Karaoke

No introduction needed! No matter where you're from, everyone enjoys a good karaoke night. So don't be shy; get up, sing a song and let's have a good time!

Thursday: Snow Walk

You don't have to wait until the long nights of summer to enjoy a nice walk through the mountains! We'll provide you with special snow shoes and fire lights so that you can enjoy the magic of the Alps beneath the winter stars.

Friday: Disco

It's the last night, so it's time to put on your party close and dance! Alcohol free cocktails and snacks will be provided alongside the music to help you round off your week in style!