Be creative, explore your surroundings and enjoy the night-time sky.


Every Saturday and on two weekday afternoons you'll visit some of the most beautiful attractions and landmarks in the region.


Enjoy two afternoon workshops per week. Activities include art, media, theatre & sport. 

Evening programme

Our action-packed evening programme ensures that you'll never be left twiddling your thumbs. 


Nobody owns the world so feel free to explore it.

Every Saturday and during two weekday afternoons, you'll venture outside of the camp to enjoy some of the best sights, landmarks and activites that the region has to offer.

During your time in Schwarzsee you'll have the chance to experience the surrounding mountains, the nearby charming city of Fribourg, the Callier chocolate factory and much, much more! 

We use a combination of public and private transport, as well as our own feet. 


Be creative and develop new skills.

In our Schwarzsee Summer camp you will always learn something new.

On two afternoons per week you can join one of the following workshops:

  • Media
  • Photography
  • Film making
  • Sport: Volleyball / Football 
  • Cooking
  • Graffiti
  • DJ Workshop
  • Hip-hop
  • Young arts

Evening Programme

After a hard day's work, everyone deserves a little fun!

Once the day is over, the fun doesn't stop; our evening activities begin at 8pm every night! Activities include:

  • Football Tournament
  • Camp fire
  • Disco
  • Minigolf
  • Cinema
  • Karaoke
  • Rallye de Schwarzsee
  • Olympia
  • Casino Night

And don't worry, we always manage to squeeze in one free evening a week to help recharge your batteries!