Take a breath of fresh air at this picturesque mountain lake

Schwarzsee, Fribourg

1,046 Meters, Prealps

Located at the edge of the country's Fribourg region, Schwarzsee is the gateway to the Alps. Stunning mountains and a quaint little village are centred around a small lake, creating one of the most picturesque landscapes that Switzerland has to offer.

The village and stunning mountain range are centred around Der Schwarszee (German for The Black Lake), which is so-called because of the dark colour given to it by its high sulphur content - which makes it one of the healthiest places in Switzerland to bathe during the summer months, so don't be afraid to jump in!

In the daylight Schwarzsee is an awe-inspiring sight, but it truly becomes special when the sun goes down. Due to it's mountainous location, and lack of a nearby metropolis, there is almost no light polution; making Schwarzsee home to one of the most crystal clear, star-studded skies that you're likely to find in the whole of continental Europe - a truly awe-inspiring sight that's not to be missed!

To find out more visit the official Schwarzsee tourism website here.


Schwarzsee Campus

The Schwarzsee campus was completely renovated in 2016 and offers modern furnished rooms, a large living room and spacious classrooms.

Just next to the beautiful wooden architecture, a large sports complex invites you to let off some steam. In addition to an indoor gym, there are several beach volleyball, football, basketball courts, a climbing wall and a lawn for a variety of games and activities. You can also play table tennis, table football or billiards.

The pretty village of Schwarzsee is only a 10 minute walk from the campus. The lake is only 300m from the accommodation, so a jump in the cool, fresh water is not to be missed!

Campus Schwarzsee

Seestrasse 119
1716 Schwarzsee