Drevna, Novi Sad

Novi Sad is Serbia's second biggest city and is known for it's young & vibrant student life as well as its surrounding nature, as it is located on the River Danube and just a short drive away from the slopes of the Fruška Gora mountain.

Our camp is located in a beautiful and picturesque location just 10 minutes from Novi Sad's city center and just 250 meters from the River Danube, meaning that opportunities to explore the city and ramble around the nature are both within easy reach.

Our ethno-style complex contains terraces and summer houses with beautiful views of the natural surroindings, providing excellent conditions for teacher and outdoor activities. As an added bonus, there is a mini zoo within the resort's grounds, providing the icing on the cake needed to ensure that we always have happy campers!

Novi Sad is located just 80 km away from Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport.


Beautiful ethno-style bungalows

Participants will be accommodated in ethno-style triple bungalows with a bathroom, which will undoubtedly will give-off the feeling of a true summer camp experience. The restaurant offers a rich & varied full-board menu and you can enjoy traditional Serbian specialties every day, as well as a range of international dishes. 

As mentioned above, there are plenty of on-site facilities to be enjoyed, ensuring that even during the short hours of freetime you'll never become bored!

"Drevna" - Ethno complex,
Podunavska 6, 


Novi Sad, Serbia