Football training

During our afternoon and evening football training sessions, students will learn not only to progress as individual talents, but, more importantly to develop and play together as a team through drills, passing and team building exercises with our experienced and multilingual coaches.

While teamwork is paramount in football, it is also to important focus upon and treat each player as an individual at times, which is why time will also be taken to care for and nurture the skill set and prefered positioning of each individual player according to their preferences, skills and footballing knowledge. This will be complemented by moving back to a more team-based training model that takes influence from the famous 'total football' method, made famous by the Dutch national team in the 1970s. This will involve game practice with players constantly rotating positions, resulting in players thus gaining a greater understanding of their fellow players and the game as a whole.

As well as the more practical elements explained above, time will also be taken to teach students about tactics, reading of the game and game management; football's played with the head, as much as it is with the feet.