Art Camp Schwarzsee
14th - 27th July 2019 - for teens aged 12 - 17 years 

Do something different this summer!

Learn by Doing is our motto, so come this summer and let your creative side run wild through painting, drawing, dancing, music, creative writing, filming and more!

Choose between French,  or English and use the language your learning through the expressive, creative and practical mediums & methods of art.

Takes place in a typical Swiss mountain chalet in Schwarzsee, located in the beautiful surroundings of the Fribourg pre-alps, perfect for inspiration & creativity!

After the rich and exciting experience of the first fRilingue Language, Arts and Video Camp last year in St. Imier, we invite you to participate in the second edition of this camp, where immersion in languages ​​passes through the prism of the practices of the arts, theater and video. This time it will be in Schwarzsee, in the inspiring setting of the mountains of the Pre-Alps in Canton Fribourg!

How does this camp, where language learning combines with the practice of the arts, theater and video, work?

  • Take the time to exchange, to imagine and build an artistic project that organises the week's schedule.
  • Help yourself to explore diverse cognitive fields (material culture, visual memory, mnemonic) to exercise curiosity and forge a culture of your own.
  • Imagination and creativity are not confined only to the classroom; they are open work languages ​​through authentic materials and expressive and creative practices.
  • Navigate your way through the different stages of making a short film or staging a play.
  • Kick-start and develop a portfolio, know how to express your ideas in the target language to evolve an art project collectively.

There will also be a collaborative exhibition of the various productions (Performances, films, paintings, photos etc.) from the week that will all be centred around the same theme.

We find that school education is based on a division into disciplines and often content that's too theoretical is counterproductive for both learners and teachers. We believe that learning and remembering is about connecting, creating and making things work.

Associating practices of arts and languages ​​allows us to connect knowledge and know-how, to make them resonate to feed a contextualised learning process.

Some examples:

  • We'll make bound notebooks according to a procedure that's explained and shown in the target language using different available materials. These notebooks will then serve as a basis for gathering linguistic knowledge acquired throughout the process.
  • We'll also create an exhibition of paintings or silver prints inspired by a theme first studied in its linguistic aspect (themes such as "movement", "images", "monsters" etc.).
  • Those interested in video will make a short film of fiction that taps into the life of the camp, the funny moments and the specific situations. All this work (brainstorming, scriptwriting, dialogues, stage play, staging, editing) is obviously an opportunity to learn the language in action. The short film can then be used as a support for a multimedia language course rooted in practice. "Learning by doing" is our motto!

The courses and activities are transversal; they connect and answer each other. It is by multiplying the resonances within projects that are always based on the desires of students that we think to make them learn, to consolidate their learning and to teach them to understand.

Learn by Doing