Adventure Camp!
7th July - 27th July 2019

Outdoor activities with expert instructors, including an overnight hiking trip.

Takes place in our very own Alpine chalet in the St. Bernard region of Valais in Switzerland!

Language: All lessons and instructions are given entirely in English.

"Over every Mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley."

- Theodore Roethke

Explore the valleys, reach the heights and drift off the beaten track: fRilingue's taking you into the wild!

Need fresh air and to live outdoors under a sky that's ablaze with stars? Do you want to live out an adventure, and to feel that you really exist in contact with the elements and new sensations?

Then join our brand new Alpine Adventure Camp in Valais this summer!

For teens aged between 12 and 17 years.

From descending the zip line at a breathtaking height, to rock climbing and canoeing down the river, many adventures await you here!

Warning: adrenaline rushes are guaranteed!

However, this camp does not consist simply of cheap thrills, you'll also learn from your adventures in the heart of Europe's mountainous nature. These practical lessons, including fauna & flora, geography and the energy issues of the region, will all be taught in English by our very own answer to Bear Grylls!

A checklist of what you'll learn during this camp:

  • How to navigate with a map and a compass
  • How to predict the weather forecast
  • How to construct an emergency shelter
  • How to make fire without matches
  • How to tie different types of knots
  • How to find a food supply in nature
  • Discover the plants and their benefits, the animals and their behavior
  • Other essential survival skills

This is an intense camp for young people who want to move, act in thought and think in action - nature and culture go hand in hand for an intense and complete experience!

  • Natural theory, practical lessons in English
  • A 2-day hike in the bivouac
  • Canoe trips
  • Climbing and zipline descent
  • Crossing a gorge

Attention: each week's programme may change depending on the participants, the size of the group and the weather.