Workshops, Excursions & Evening Fun


The shared foundation of this camp relies on three transversal workshops:

Plastic arts. With our Parisian artist Mathias Costa, we'll learn how to create striking and dynamic compositions with different materials and technics (paintings, sprays, images, pyrography etc.). Using different themes and patterns you'll be able to express yourself, play with the diversity of art's rich history (collages dada, pop' art, different artists) and experiment freely with the process that you are interested in alongside your friends.

Workshops arts of images and sounds. Here, it will be mainly photography, video production and music: learn and improve by using of different techniques, various stages of the creative processes and by publishing your productions. The challenge here is to mix the approaches, for example, you might like to use specific music when editing a short film, or to create a specific sound and visual display for a photographic exhibition.

Workshops of bodily and narrative expression. This will be principally focussed upon three aspects: drama, scenography and dance. Learn to communicate a compelling narrative in visual and written form and dive into the art of storytelling. Once again approaches must be combined: for example, when staging adapted texts or original texts created by the group, incorporate elements of composition and expression (décor and displacement in the scenic space, improvisations, gestures & singing etc.).


Nobody owns this world, so feel free to explore it.

Every Saturday and during two weekday afternoons, you'll venture outside of the camp to enjoy some of the best sights, landmarks and activites that the region has to offer.

During the weekday excursions, we'll head out to explore the hiking trails and natural surroundings of the area, and on Saturday we'll head to the nearby city of Fribourg.

Evening Programme

After a hard days work, everyone deserves a little fun!

Once the day is over, the fun doesn't stop; our evening activities begin at 8pm every night! Activities inlude:

  • Free Evening
  • Football Tournament
  • Camp fire
  • Disco
  • Cinema
  • Karaoke