Theatre & Video


Theatre & Video

On three afternoons a week we play with lyrics & experiment with the script, both before and behind the camera.


We learn how voice and body can be used creatively.


Those who are more interested in filming can get to know the various processes involved in filming.

At the end of the week, the masterpieces will be presented in an exhibition.


No one owns the world so feel free to explore it

Every Saturday and during two weekday afternoons, you'll venture outside of the camp to enjoy some of the best sights, landmarks and activites that the region has to offer.

During the weekday excursions, we'll head out to explore the hiking trails and natural surroundings of the area, and on Saturday we'll head to the nearby city of Neuchatel.

Evening Programme

After a hard day's work, everyone deserves a little fun!

Once the day is over, the fun doesn't stop; our evening activities begin at 8pm every night! Activities include:

  • Free Evening
  • Football Tournament
  • Camp fire
  • Disco
  • Cinema
  • Karaoke